Monday, April 17, 2006

My Taxes Are Done!

Mailed out my Federal tax return and e-filed my Virginia tax return this morning. I am getting about $2,000 in refunds this year. That would be a very nice net-worth increase when the refunds hit my checking account.

There is one thing I don't understand about e-filing. If the IRS is trying to get everyone to e-file, why does it cost $20? I know e-file is free for people with AGI of less than $50k. But what about those of us who more slightly more? I am not paying $20 to e-file when I can use 63 cents of postage instead.

In other news, April 15th marks the end of ING Direct's 4.75% Winter Saver's promotion. Their APR is back down to 4.00%. I promptly initiated a bank transfer to move almost all of my ING Direct money to a higher yield account. provides an up-to-date table of the high yield money market accounts here.


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